Copy of ILY4.

"I LOVE YOU FOREVER." is a charitable clothing line based in Switzerland.

"I love you forever." is more than just a sentence you'd say to a special someone or hear in a cheesy romance movie. It's more than just a clothing brand. With "I love you forever." we want to create something that's ever-lasting. To help and inspire others. The heart striking up in flames symbolizes the eternal love towards the people in our lives who mean the most to us.

For each item sold, numerous parts of our profits will be donated to a selected charity, a non-profit organization or to support a good cause. All of the products are being made under fair trade conditions. No animals are hurt during the process and there's no child laboring. We value quality over everything.

Your purchase is going to make a difference.

Our first drop, called "Collection 22" and the initial concept of "ILY4." was inspired by a unique and personal incident that one of our co-founders has experienced.

With our first collection we are donating 50% of our earnings to an institution helping against Sarcoma Cancer1 (a more likely rare tumor that occurs in the bones and soft tissues). According to a study in the U.S, each year, 40 in a 1,000,000 people are affected by such tumors. Hence its rarity, there isn't as much research as on other more common kinds of cancer. Depending on the stage, size, and position of cancer, it is likely incurable and can, if not surgically removable, lead to death. 

We may not help saving the world but we will try everything in our power to help the people living in it.

In loving memory of Claude Pierre Graf.

Founded, created, and designed by Jean-Claude Graf & Jakob Merkel